Wednesday, October 29, 2008


What can you say about last night's fiasco at Philips? I mean, if there was ever a game in which NOTHING went right for the Thrashers, last night was the one.

What disturbed me was their starts and finishes to each of the periods. Up until this game, the Thrashers had always started strong and finished strong. Not last night. In fact, the game reminded me of alot of the games from last season in which they gave up goals in bunches to start and finish periods.

They had no passion and no shot against a Flyers team that's dominated them for three seasons. It will be interesting to see if they move Jason Williams to center and fill his spot on the right side with Brett Sterling. For a team that's in desperate need of offense, Sterling deserves a shot. Also, anyone a bit surprised that John Anderson didn't bench Ilya Kovalchuk for a few shifts after his double minor at the end of the second period? That surprised me a bit.

I'm heading to practice this morning (Philips), then off to the airport for the flight to New York. I'll post an update after the skate and hopefully have some news on the status of Zach Bogosian, who suffered a leg injury in last night's game.

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