Saturday, November 22, 2008


Here's the latest from the morning skate:

***Todd White is ready to go and will be in the lineup tonight vs Columbus (7pm, Sportsouth, 680 The Fan). As a result, Joey Crabb will be the healthy scratch assuming he's not reassigned to Chicago later today.

Lines look like this:




Regarding the lines: Head coach John Anderson said he decided to put Perrin up with Kovalchuk and Williams in an attempt to jump start his offensive game. He brought up a good point in that Perrin played with Martin St Louis in Tampa, so he used to playing with offensive line mates. He also added that they've asked Eric to play more of a defensive game, especially since he's one of the team's best penalty killers. Maybe this move will get him going offensively.

***Colby Armstrong slides back to his customary position of right wing after seeing action on the left side.

***Chris Thorburn is back on the right side of the fourth unit. I don't think this move is as much a demotion for Thorburn as it is a move to reunite the gritty threesome from earlier this season. Anderson has talked about the team "taking the initiative more", especially on home ice. Look for this line to play a bigger role starting tonight.

Speaking of this line, a fan left this comment:

"How can JA expect Slater, Boults and Thorburn to step it up physically when he doesn't put them back out there after the hit? "

I understand where you are coming from. But remember the situation of the game from the other night. The score was tied 2-2 and JA wasn't about to put a player out on the ice that would have taken a penalty, putting Pittsburgh on the power play. Had the game been out of hand, I'm sure he would have done it. Just my opinion.

For those of you headed to Philips Arena for the game tonight, please be advised that, as of midday today, three lanes on the southbound downtown connector were closed for repairs. I have no idea if this road project will continue into this evening, but consider yourself warned.

Based on my rants of the last few days, can you tell I hate Atlanta traffic? :)

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