Friday, September 19, 2008


Excuse my lack of postings this weekend. After all, it's "Notre Dame Week" in East Lansing, Michigan. And that's exactly where I'm headed in a few short hours. Every year, my brother-in-law and I makes plans to attend the game. Our last trip to East Lansing was in 2006. If you remember, it's was the debacle in the monsoon. MSU had a big lead at the half only to squander it away with horrific play calling and flooding rains. Jack and I were sitting in the front row of the west upper deck and literally had a river of draining rain water at our feet. The Sparty hat I purchased at the bookstore earlier that day shrunk from a size 7.5 to about 6.75. Nothing like packing wet clothes for the trip back to Atlanta the following day! Hopefully, the weather will hold up this year. Also, I'll be sure to stop by and say hello to MSU hockey coach Rick Comley as the Spartans get ready for another season in the CCHA. They've lost quite a bit from last season and will be extremely young, but very talented.

So not much else this weekend, but full content from around training camps starting Sunday and Monday including the latest from Thrash camp. Speaking of the Atlanta team, the AJC reported today that new head coach John Anderson has decided to name four assistant captains heading into the season then choose one of them for the captaincy role. Seems like a derivative stared several seasons ago by Jacques Lemaire in Minny. My personal belief is that the leadership of the team will be much stronger without aging center Bobby Holik holding down a stall in that locker room. I remember being in there after a game day skate last season and talking to an unnamed player about Bobby's leadership of the team. That player just looked at me and rolled his eyes. Yeah, I don't think there were many hearts broken when he landed back in Jersey.

Have a great weekend.

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