Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I know alot of you have wondered why tonight's Thrashers at Tampa Bay game is not being televised. Here's the answer.

Versus, the national network home of the National Hockey league in the United States, has "exclusive" dates on their schedule in which they are the only broadcaster allowed to televise on a given night in the United States. Tonight is one of those scenarios. They have chosen to televise the Boston at Buffalo game. As a result, no other local broadcast outlet can televise any game this evening. That's why the Thrashers game is not being shown on either Sportsouth or Sunshine Network (Tampa TV). It has nothing to do with Sportsouth, so save your emails and phone calls to their offices.

With that said, if you subscribe to NHL Center Ice, you will still be able to watch Anaheim at Toronto (TSN), Vancouver at Columbus (Sportsnet-Pacific) and Washington at Calgary (TSN).


RR said...

Thanks, Matt. Good info. Nice to see you blogging. I'll stop by often.

Madd Dogg said...


Appreciate the note. This is all new to me and I hope the fans enjoy reading it.


Anonymous said...


The biggest hole I find in the explanation is that Minnesota broadcasted the game last week vs. the Thrashers and it was on a Versus broadcast exclusive night (per Versus web site even). And, the Versus game was on at the SAME time as the Wild/Thrashers game.

Madd Dogg said...

There are certain Versus exclusive nights and I don't think last Tuesday was one of them considering FSN-North did the game. They cherry pick the exclusive dates. For example, there are several Tuesday dates in the second half of the season in which Thrashers games will be televised. I believe the Versus website was incorrect. I will email the league broadcasting department just to make sure. Thanks for the note.